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You inspire each student to follow their dreams...

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Developing character is just as important as learning the academic lessons taught in school.

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”

- Robert John Meehan
American Writer and Poet

Partnering With Educators to Change the World

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Like most teachers, you started out with a personal promise: To make a positive difference in the life of each and every student. And with most students you succeed with gratifying results... However, like most teachers you likely encounter challenging students whose behaviors and attitudes require an inordinate amount of your attention, often at the expense of the rest of the class.

Imagine a classroom in which you could record all student behaviors and actions, both desirable and undesirable, while also keeping track of attendance and student progress in a quick and easy manner. A classroom in which you can focus on all students, not just the outliers.

Imagine no more...


ClasStars is a progressive new application that enables educators to engage each student on a more personal level, ensuring that each student receives the attention they need – and deserve – to succeed.

Created with an advisory panel of educators, ClasStars allows teachers to keep track of their interactions (desirable or undesirable) with each student, allowing for a clear picture on each student’s behavior and progress - all with a swipe and a tap.

ClasStars records each student’s attendance, classroom behavior, attention patterns and academic progress, giving teachers the insight they need to better interact with each student in a timely manner, which in turn enables each student to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

In today’s classrooms, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of every student on the level you would like to. With ClasStars, educators can be assured that they are interacting, engaging and tracking all students

So Smart. It’s Simple.


Track student behaviors as well as which students are contributing and which students have not been called on in a while. Teachers can view this activity in an easy-to-read timeline or bar graph.


Record attendance, including restroom breaks, student services, disciplinary absences and more, all visible on a clear pie chart.


Act upon the detailed data to make the necessary changes and adjustments to your classroom, which in turn will help improve behavior patterns.

ClasStars' advisory panel of principals, teachers, superintendents and psychologists pointed out something that most educators know. On many occasions, several students in a class require an inordinate amount of attention at the expense of the overall majority in the class. These individual students, or outliers, may require more attention due to challenging behavior or even due to their academic excellence.


With ClasStars I have a better understanding of how to connect with each student and form a positive relationship.

- Dubby Eisen, Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

ClasStars is a program that supports the academic success of students with different learning styles.

- G. Jack Spatola, Principal, Public School 172, The Beacon School of Excellence

Education today is more dynamic and fast-paced than ever before. ClasStars allows the teachers in my district to easily track class participation, behavior, and even attendance in real time!

- Dr. Ann Pedersen, Superintendent, Lawrence, NY

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Why It Works

The foundation of ClasStars is based on the tremendous benefits of a dynamic relationship between the educator and student. In today’s dynamic world, it can be difficult to engage and interact with each student on the level that he or she deserves. The most limited - and critical - resource of a teacher is his or her attention. With an abundance of students, teachers may not always be able to call upon each student, or record the many various actions, either desirable or undesirable, that each student performs, on a daily basis.

ClasStars' patent-pending application utilizes proven educational and behavioral insights to ensure that each student is being engaged in a consistent manner, while also recording the actions of each student in a classroom. ClasStars provides each student’s behaviors, academic achievements, as well as the engagement between educator and student, to the teacher on an easy-to-read screen, allowing the teacher to make any necessary adjustments to the class in a quick and efficient manner. As an example, if a teacher sees that a certain student was not called upon for an extended period of time, the app will highlight this, at which point the teacher may use this information to engage the student.

The goal of ClasStars is to amplify the limited time and resources of each teacher, ensuring that each student is engaged with, in order to improve the very core of the relationship between teachers and students. By providing accurate and timely information to educators, teachers, school administrators and parents, can all become more involved in the education process.

ClasStars’ Focus Mode enables a teacher to actively keep track of a small group of select students and their progress in a quick and easy manner, allowing teachers to concentrate on those that require more hands-on attention - without sacrificing the engagement of the class as a whole.

Studies indicate that teachers often form opinions on students based on incomplete information and faulty memory since they lose track of what is really happening with their students throughout a typical day. Consequently, teachers are unable to properly allocate their attention to the students that require it.

Leading educators have reviewed our product quite enthusiastically and have uniformly praised its innovative solutions. ClasStars finally bridges the gap between real knowledge and imagined assumptions of students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Smooth Design, with you in mind

When the very first iPod was in the process of being created, Steve Jobs insisted that it should never take more than 3 clicks to get to the song that you want. He believed that if it will take more than that, it's too complicated. At ClasStars we have taken the same approach. It never takes more than 3 gestures to record an event. ClasStars has even included a single swipe setting that allows users to record an event with only one gesture.

Our user interface was created based on an abundance of in-depth research regarding the way the brain processes information. For example, did you know that the human brain processes images much faster that it processes text? This is why ClasStars uses pictures of the students rather than simply typing their names. The research also showed that the brain processes colors much faster than text. This is why ClasStars uses a color coded system to identify each student’s needs.

With ClasStars, teachers simply record their observations. While other apps try to decode these observations, like identifying student’s feelings, ClasStars realizes that it is nearly impossible to define and decode behaviors through an app, and therefore we leave that to the teacher. Education experts have told us that the behaviors and events we are targeting are the simplest observations possible, which, on a cumulative basis can provide valuable insight and guidance to teachers.

Our foundation is based on the relationship between the teacher and student. ClasStars provides teachers with all of the information from inside the classroom to help effectively maintain positive relationships with each and every student, drawing the teachers attention to those that are most at risk. We understand that the most critical and limited resource in a classroom is the teacher’s attention. By collecting this kind of data we can help teachers identify which students need their attention the most.

ClasStars provides teachers with the knowledge of how engaged each student is compared to the rest of his class. The teacher can then set individual expectations for each student and can revise such expectations as required.

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