Unlocking Student Potential

Streamlined insights, intuitive data collection — a captivating approach to progress!


Cultivating Confidence

A teacher’s positive energy creates a sense of belonging and confidence in every child. ClasStars simplifies this by ensuring each child receives the attention they need, making it easy for teachers to connect, engage, and uplift every student on their educational journey.

Designed to be a map of your classroom, ClasStars helps you see, engage, and value every student every day. It’s the tool to build wise connections, fostering an environment where every student feels seen and empowered to thrive.

Invisible Progress

Building Trust

Fostering trust between teachers and students is essential for a positive learning environment. ClasStars revolutionizes behavior tracking by prioritizing understanding over judgment. Recording behavior frequencies without labeling, teachers establish a clear baseline for measuring progress, nurturing a culture of trust. This framework ensures students feel seen and supported, promoting personal growth. It’s not about categorizing actions but understanding progress—a shared journey of improvement for teacher and student. With ClasStars, every behavior becomes a chance for growth, reshaping behavior tracking into a tool for trust-building, empowering educators to guide students toward success with respect for their unique paths.


Realizing Potential

Once the foundations of confidence and trust are established, students are ripe for realizing their full potential. ClasStars facilitates this process for teachers by providing an easy way to conduct formative assessments, and ensuring that every student has a fair chance to actively participate in the academic experience. This maximizes the academic engagement of each student, aligning with the broader goal of fostering a positive and impactful learning environment.


Realistic Expectations

ClasStars introduces a practical approach to attendance tracking, ensuring realistic expectations in the classroom. By effortlessly allowing teachers to monitor student presence, it’s a simple yet powerful tool. Students sometimes test limits, skipping vital class hours—impacting their learning curve. ClasStars simplifies this process, enabling teachers to establish accountable attendance habits vital for academic success.