Real-Time Attendance

Real-Time Attendance

Students who don’t attend school have a much higher risk of failure. It is important for teachers to remember that there are two aspects of classroom attendance: whether or not a student comes to school, and when a student leaves in the middle of class. For children at risk, the time a child spends out of class is an early indicator of a problem, which makes catching this type of missed classroom time imperative for the student’s success.

ClasStars makes it easy for teachers to take attendance at the start of class, and record when students leave in the middle of class. A single tap on a student allows teachers to mark them absent, a swipe to the right marks that they left the room, and a double tap bring them back into class. Automatic time-stamps allow teachers to identify at-risk students so they can strategize and problem solve with critical team members before further issues arise.

Real-Time Attendance

Swipe right on a student’s picture to mark when they leave the room, and double tap when they return.

In Attendance Mode, tap on a student once to mark absent, a second time to mark late, and a third time to mark back to present.

The automatic time-stamp will allow teachers to identify at-risk students early on.

Full Function Mode

In Full Function Mode, swipe right and a wheel of the above options will appear.

Snapshot Dashboard

Attendance Dashboard

Attendance Mode

In Attendance Mode, tap on a student once to mark absent, a second time to mark late. A third time brings them back to present. Once you end Attendance Mode, a double-tap marks a student late, with an automatic time-stamp.

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