ClasStars has taken my classroom to an entirely different level. I can divide my attention more evenly, ensuring that even the quietest students are consistently noticed. The immediate result is having a class of involved students who get positive feedback throughout every day.

Yehoshua Meltzer
Yeshiva of South Shore, Hewlitt, NY

Teaching over one hundred students daily presents its own challenges, especially when it comes to keeping track of individual interactions with students. ClasStars has indeed been a lifesaver for me in this regard. With its intuitive interface and powerful tracking capabilities, I can quickly check in with my students facing challenges, provide validation, set challenging next steps for high-achieving students, and identify those who may be silently struggling. Moreover, ClasStars helps me stay aware of students who may have encountered difficulties in the previous class, allowing me to address their needs proactively in the upcoming lessons. This level of accountability ensures that I can maintain an equitable and supportive learning environment for all my students. In essence, ClasStars has become an indispensable tool in my pursuit of creating a classroom where every student feels seen, heard, and empowered to succeed.

Shira Moskovitz
Technology Teacher & Special Education Teacher, P.S. 343 The Children's Lab School, NYC

ClassStars revolutionized my classroom with its intuitive design and robust data collection capabilities. The app's feedback charts served as a window into my interaction patterns, revealing an unconscious bias towards a student struggling with distractions. This insight led to a much-needed shift in my feedback approach, acknowledging external factors impacting his behavior. The ability to track attention distribution and effortlessly gather data allowed me to gain a holistic understanding of where my students and I stand regarding feedback effectiveness. ClassStars, with its user-friendly interface and data-driven insights, became an indispensable tool for my teaching journey.

Bari Levin
Executive Director, I Am Able Foundation, Chicago, Illinois

ClasStars is a simple yet powerful tool that helps teachers and administrators literally keep their finger on the pulse of every student in a positive way.

Efrem Bernstein
Principal, Mestiva Toras Emes, Brooklyn, NY

With ClasStars, I have a better understanding of how to connect with each student and form a positive relationship.

Dubby Eisen
Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Education today is more dynamic and fast-paced than ever before. ClasStars allows the teachers in my district to easily track class participation, behavior, and even attendance in real time!

Dr. Ann Pedersen
Superintendent, Lawrence, NY

ClasStars is a program that supports the academic success of students with different learning styles.

G. Jack Spatola
Principal, Public School 172, The Beacon School of Excellence, NYC

ClasStars is an easy to use tool that can help have a clear overview of your learners positive and less desirable behavior. It is a handy tool for you, as an educator, to reflect on who and what kind of attention you are giving throughout your lessons. Patterns can be found in which you can discuss your findings with the students and/or parents.

Lisabete Ferreira
Teacher, Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands

ClasStars has been an excellent tool for tracking student engagement in our building. We have seen a direct and measurable correlation between positive engagement and high achievement. Our students had yet to experience academic or behavioral success in their previous school setting. They’re currently experiencing both, and Classtars is a tool we rely on to help us measure that success.

Dr. Tim King
Founder and Director, Atlas Academy, Holly Hill, Florida

Collecting behavioral data is critical to ensuring our special programs deliver on the promise of effectiveness for students. Data collection systems typically require a notebook, where staff logs behavior, and a lot of clerical work to make the data useful. ClasStars has helped us automate that collection and remind us of collecting data typically not included (such as positive interactions, student out-of-class time, etc.) to ensure we have a complete picture of our program's impact and opportunities to adjust in real-time.

Troy A. Lange
Executive Director, Exceptional Student Services, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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